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About Us

OldTruckBuyer.com was founded Jan 9, 2007. At OldTruckBuyer.com we aim to be the easiest solution for buying and selling your old truck.

For Buyers:

Our site is designed to make finding your old truck easier than ever before. Every truck on OldTruckBuyer.com is listed for sale by private owners, dealers, and manufacturers.

For Sellers:

When you use OldTruckBuyer.com you are placing your ad in front of a targeted online audience of old truck buyers. We aim to give you the personal attention you need to sell your truck.

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Is OldTruckBuyer.com a free service?

Yes! Feel free to browse the truck listings or list your own truck.

What countries does OldTruckBuyer.com serve?

We are set up mainly for buying and selling your truck in the United States and Canada.

How do I search for trucks on OldTruckBuyer.com?

You can search for a truck using the advanced search.

How do I sell my truck on OldTruckBuyer.com?

You can sell your truck by going here and following the instructions on the form.